Of Koobi Fora and Cathedrals with Ella Beaudoin - Ep 02


Today's guest is someone who we wanted to snag as early as possible, based on her ability to connect with the public.

Ella Beaudoin got started in anthropology at American University, in Washington DC.

She cut her scientific teeth in Kenya as part of the Koobi Fora field School @koobiforafieldschool. The Koobi Fora region is one of the most prolific fossil bearing regions in the world and possibly home to the oldest instances of the use of fire by our hominid ancestors.

She is currently a contractor at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, where she works to help engage and teach the public about evolution and archaeology.

As the goal of this podcast is to connect non-archaeologists with our science, we are super excited to talk with her tonight.

You can follow her twitter at @ella_beaudoinand her instagram @timetravelerinhikingboots.