Ancient Ink with Aaron Deter-Wolf - Ep 04


If you’ve been following us for a bit, you might notice that archaeology isn’t just pyramids or that ancient aliens’s the study of human behavior. And one world-wide human behavior that you’ve probably all observed, is the practice of tattooing and body modification. Well, that’s not really our niche, but lucky for you, we’re bought one of the world’s leading experts on the archaeology of tattooing to talk with us today. In fact, he co-wrote the book on it!

Tonight’s guest, Aaron Deter-Wolf, is currently the Prehistoric Archaeologist at the Tennessee Division of Archaeology. Aaron is responsible for managing prehistoric sites on State-owned lands, as well as conducting archaeological excavations and publishing research on the results of those studies. Most importantly, Aaron is a prominent advocate for public archaeology, as evidenced by his work with the state of Tennessee, his scholarly publications, and his new Instagram @archaeologyink.


The Cowboys of Science with Spencer Pelton - Ep 01


Spencer is one of the most talented, accomplished, and brilliant archaeologists in the country. The dude has over a dozen publications and literally just got his PhD last year.

Anyone that knows Spencer will tell you that he’s one of the most enjoyable people to be around and was a mentor to a lot of us during our time at Wyoming.

Spencer’s research varies from lithic technology, hunter-gatherer ecology, to human evolution, and his dissertation focused on hominid thermal regulation.

The list of his accomplishments would fill this page, so we’ll let his smooth, Johnny Cash-like drawl tell you his life story! We’re super excited.