The One Where Ross Isn’t The Only Paleontologist: A Deep Discussion with Amy Atwater - Ep5


Episode 5’s guest, Amy Atwater, is the Paleontology Collections Manager/Registrar at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana. She is also just an all-around bad-ass. She is an avid science communicator, and does so through presentations, videos, and her massively popular instagram account @Mary_annings_revenge. Amy was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin and has a slew of peer-reviewed publications. She also has published work in The Huffington Post and has even appeared on PBS EONS.

We talk with her about how she got into paleontology, how she escaped the field of anthropology and how David and Connor are recovering paleontologists. We define the difference between archaeology and paleontology (Archaeologists Don’t Dig Dinosaurs!) while discussing deep time and stratigraphy. David and Amy discuss curation life and security and Amy explains who Mary Anning is and why she is so vengeful. We finish with a discussion about mental health in Academia. And, big surprise, Connor makes another crappy dad joke. Make sure and get your T-Rex arms clapping and waving as you begin listening to Episode 5 of A Life in Ruins Podcast.