0015 - HHC2016 - Andrew Hoaen

 “The hidden heritage of Veteran Trees and ancient woods in the Forest of Dean Gloucestershire”.

At Edinburgh I applied for funds from the University to start my own archaeological project (separate to my PhD. Research), which developed into a 10 year study of the Later Prehistory of Cumbria. After my PhD. I had a post doc at the Crichton campus of the University of Glasgow in Dumfries. Being based in Dumfries with a young family once my post doc ended I decided to work part time in continuing/distance learning and archaeological consultancy, rather than commute long distances to work. Since moving to Worcester in 2008 and with my children having grown up I have expanded my ‘portfolio’ career in teaching and am currently piloting a HLF program into the environmental history of woodland in the Forest of Dean.

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