Announcement : Public Archaeology Twitter Conference 4 - 5th Sept 2019

This is a special announcement ahead of the Public Archaeology Twitter Conference (PATC4).

"We hold these conferences in order to continue our attempts to challenge the conference status quo in terms of communication, diversity and inclusivity. Conference attendance has many issues, such as funding and accessibility, so these formats can contribute information which can be used to make archaeology safer and more accessible within as well as outside the profession.

Conferences that cost over £400 to attend are no longer financially viable for most people. Conferences that charge large fees and discuss public and community archaeology are excluding the participants, communities and colleagues with whom we work who do not have access to travel and conference funds, those with caring responsibilities, those with disabilities, or simply those who do not have enough time to travel long distances. There needs to be an alternative."

The hashtag for the September 2019 event will be #PATC4.

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