8 Bit Test Pit - Episode 0

Introducing a new podcast from the Archaeology Podcast Network!

Episode 1 will be out Friday, July 29, 2016!

8Bit Test Pit is here to put Archaeogaming on the map. Hosted by key players in the archaeogaming world, 8Bit Test Pit sets out to explain the weird and wonderful connections between the study of our past and the virtual worlds we like to explore.  8Bit Test Pit breaks the field of Archaeologaming into three accessible formats: 

  • Main Campaign – is the monthly show featuring a panel discussion, led by Andrew Reinhard, Meghan Dennis, and Tara Copplestone, on a number of issues and topics all of which revolve around the intersection of archaeology and gaming. Everything from coding practices to Ethics in and out of the game realty.
  • Dug Up Content – is bit-sized 15 minute episodes, released every 6 weeks, filled to the brim with information, covering key terms and concepts in and about the field of Archaeogaming. These will inform and educate, in the time it takes to load your saved game.
  • Archaeodeathmatch – Two archaeogamers enter, one archaeogamer leaves. When a field is new, disagreements are going to happen. Here in the virtual area, two archaeologists debate a topic related to archaeologaming. Hosted about every 5 weeks, or as needed. 

Archaeogaming covers not only the study of archaeology in videogames but also the study of games as material culture. Some of our hosts you already may know, Andrew Reinhard – who featured in the documentary ATARI: Game Over, Tara Coppelstone – who studies how games are made through an archaeological lens, and Meghan Dennis – a PhD candidate at University of York who is studying ethics in videogames, plus many more interesting and insightful players in the archaeogaming world are ready load. The show is hosted and produced by Sara Head of Archyfantasies and Tristan Boyle, content creator on the Archaeology Podcast Network.


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