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Raiford Guins & The History of Games - Episode 8

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Representation, Hoyuk, and Procedural Generation - Episode 7

The Archaeogamers are back!

The hosts discuss representation of archaeology in games; review the Hoyuk board game; and explain and discuss "procedural generation" and how it relates to archaeogaming and the user experience.



Meghan Dennis
Twitter: @GingeryGamer

Tara Copplestone
Twitter: @gamingarchaeo

Andrew Reinhard
Twitter: @adreinhard

Official Hashtag #archaeogaming

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Communicating ArchaeoGaming in a 2D System - Episode 4

The panel discusses new and inventive ways to communicate their work in ArchaeoGaming. What's the best way to present data about gaming? Maybe write your own game? Create a video? Podcast about it? And is Academia ready for a shift away from traditional ink and paper forms of presentation and how can we help it along?


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No Man's Sky Survey First Month Report - Episode 3

Today we talk about the No Man's Sky Archaeological Survey (#NMSAS) and look over the challenges the survey has faced in its first month. We talk about the game a bit, and how archaeology works in games like NMS. We also talk about preparing future archaeologists for the digital worlds they're going to encounter, and how to get current archaeologists up to speed.

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