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Chris Atkinson, Roman Credenhill: A Community Investigation - Episode 18

“The Roman Credenhill: A Community Investigation project" was established by Principal Jonathan Godfrey and Teacher of Archaeology and History Jason Williams of   Hereford Sixth Form College and was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Young Roots Programme in 2016.

The primary aim of the project was to involve the AS- and A-level archaeology students of Hereford Sixth Form College in the processes of an archaeological investigation.  The investigation was undertaken over the course of Summer within the Roman Park Playing Fields, Credenhill.
Training was provided by a team of archaeologists from Community Heritage and Archaeology Consultancy, led by Christopher Atkinson, Project Manager; with training in archaeological finds and analysis provided by Herefordshire Council Museum Service.  The students used their new found skills to excavate a little known Roman farm/villa and pottery production site, first discovered in 2014 as a result of a community project funded by the Armed Forces Community Covenant.  The three week long excavation was held between the 11th and 31st July and was open to the public, attracting individuals and families from across Herefordshire … and even Australia!” (information from:
For more information about the Roman Credenhill Project, visit their blog: 

If you would like to get involved with another community project run by Chris Atkinson, check out the upcoming Woodland Archaeology Festival this June. The South Pennines Woodland Heritage Woodland Archaeoogy Festival runs from the 10th to the 18th of June. Contact Chris by email at for more information on how to join in. Find the project on Facebook at 

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Rothwell Charnel Chapel - Episode 17

The Archaeology and Ale podcast returns from a hiatus with a chat about the Rothwell Charnel Chapel in the Holy Trinity Church in Northamptonshire - one of only two surviving charnel chapels (bone crypts) in England after many throughout the country were destroyed by religious decree.


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