Wardsend Cemetery Project - Episode 11

Hello everyone, welcome to the Archaeology and Ale podcast.

For those of you new to our podcast, Archaeology and Ale is a free monthly talk held upstairs at the Red Deer pub on Pitt Street in Sheffield, provided by the Archaeology in the City outreach programme from the University of Sheffield Archaeology Department. 

This month we are presenting the results of a collaboration between Sheffield University archaeology students and an existing local heritage project at Wardsend Cemetery in Sheffield.

Our speakers, in order, are Chris Scott of the University of Sheffield, George Proctor and Howard Bayley of the Friends of Wardsend Cemetery and the Livesey Street Project, and Tom Maltas, again from the University of Sheffield.

Find out more about the Wardsend Cemetery Project at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wardsendcemeteryproject/

Thanks for listening!

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