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Chris Atkinson - Episode 14

Hello everyone and welcome to Archaeology and Ale Podcast.

This month’s talk is presented by our special guest, community archaeologist Chris Atkinson. Chris took the time to introduce his recent project, the Summer of Archaeology at Medieval Brockhampton.

The blog for the Summer of Archaeology is here:

If you would like to visit Brockhampton Estate:

For those of you new to our podcast, Archaeology and Ale is a monthly talk held upstairs at the Red Deer Pub at Pitt Street in Sheffield. Provided by Archaeology in the City, an outreach program from the University of Sheffield’s Archaeology Department. 

If you’d like to find out about upcoming talks, please check out our News and Events on the Archaeology and Ale website here at

(and if you’re in Sheffield, do feel free to join us for next month’s talk).

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