Where Will I Be - Episode 9

Hey there listeners! We have a great show this week, but, it's a little different format than we've done previously. In fact, it's different than any podcast I've heard in a long time. We wanted to know what individual archaeologists think of their future in CRM. It always seems bleak and fleeting, especially if you are a temporary field tech bouncing from job to job. You never really know where your next paycheck is going to come from or if you'll even continue to be a CRM archaeologist next season.

So, to find out what a few of our listeners think of their futures we called up four of them during the show and asked one questions: Where do you think you'll be in CRM in five or ten years? The answers our guests gave may surprise you or you may be thinking the same thing.

Enjoy the show and think about your answer to the question!


Thanks for listening and we’ll see you in the field!!

Artwork by Tristan Boyle (c)2014

Artwork by Tristan Boyle (c)2014


  • Interview with Andy Sewell
  • Interview with Kati Fay
  • Interview with Ashley Morton
  • Panelists answer the questions

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