It's All About Context - Episode 113

Today on the podcast Richie Cruz, Stephen Wagner, and Chris Webster discuss a blog post that Chris wrote over four years about about collecting "arrowheads" and why you shouldn't do it. We talk about the importance of context and give some ways for you, as an archaeologist, to talk about your fiends and family about collecting.


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The Business of Subcontracting - Episode 112

On today's episode, Sonia, Bill, and Chris talk about subcontracting. More to the point, they talk about making the decision to be a subcontractor or start your own firm with employees. What are the costs and benefits of each decision? What did the three co-hosts do? Learn from our mistakes and our successes before you make your own decision.

Please feel free to comment on this episode. We want to hear your thoughts.

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Bears Ears and Social Responsibility - Episode 111

On today's episode we talk about the current issues around Bears Ears National Monument - our newest one here in the U.S. The government is holding a review of all national monuments designated in the past few decades and Bears Ears could be on the chopping block soon. We talk about that AND what you can do about that and other environmental issues.

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130k-Year-Old Arch Site with Dr. Steven Holen - Special Episode

Today's show is a joint episode from the Archaeology Show and the CRM Archaeology Podcast. We talk to Dr. Steven Holen, the primary author on a letter in Nature at the end of April, 2017 detailing a site from San Diego, CA with an apparent 130,000 year old archaeological site. It's a controversial find and we try to get into the science and figure out what's going on and where we go from here.

Please, leave your comments here or on Social Media but listen to the episode and read the paper. It'll really help inform you about the situation and the findings.


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It Gets Better - Episode 109

The crew answer listener emails, and respond to comments on recent episodes, as well as talk about how to get a job in CRM and what to expect from a day in the life of a CRMer.


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